What College, if Any is Right for You?

classroomIs choosing to attend a technical or a vocational college over a traditional college or university a bad idea? Depending on what your long-term goals are in life, attending a technical or trade school over that of a university, may actually be a very good idea. People today put so much stress on education and higher learning, that in more ways than one, it almost over stresses teenagers and youths who may be close to graduating high school.

Many teenagers find themselves stressing over what college or university they will attend, not necessarily because it’s the college of their own choice, because they are worried about how other people will perceive them, especially those in their own families and friends who are closest to them. It is time to put to rest the idea or the thought that attending a trade school makes you less of a person, or means that your career will amount to less.

If you’re considering any type of higher learning, commend yourself and the fact that you are even attempting to take on a task that is not required to do. No one can make you attend college, or make you go to school after you have graduated high school. Taking on the task on your own is a great undertaking, and should be taken seriously by not only the person attending college, but by their friends and family.

On average, a person who graduates from any college or university, whether it be a technical college or traditional university, will earn up to $1 million more in their lifetime. Having a degree or a certificate of any kind is almost like a ticket to success in most cases. Keep in mind this is not always the case, as many people who graduate with a degree often find themselves either without a job, or working at a job that has nothing to do with the degree that they went to school to get.

Before diving into any type of higher education situation, it is a good idea to do thorough research of that particular field or career to make sure of a few key important things. What are some of the key factors that should make you decide whether or not you want to pursue a particular career?

  • Education opportunities
  • Job demand
  • Yearly salary
  • Compatible with career
  • Location
  • Financial Situation

These key points mentioned above, are not the only things that you should consider, but should at least help you to understand what common factors will help decide whether or not a particular career choice for you may or may not be successful. Just because you may want to pursue a particular career, may it be a medical nursing career or dental assistant career, doesn’t mean that career opportunity will work for you. Medical billing and coding career is also included and all career that is concerned about the development of for the benefit of humanity. Statistics show that students who travel cross country or even cross state to pursue a higher education have less of a chance of graduating, than those who stay at home to attend either a university close to home or a junior college or even a trade school. Basically, this is saying view your education opportunities closely, try and find a local school that offers the classes or courses that you would like to take, if you cannot find one within driving distance of where you currently live, only move if you feel that this is the only course or program that you fill make you happy in the long run with the career you choose.

Why is job demand so important a factor when choosing what career you will choose. Simply because a job will make you a lot of money, bring you fame and fortune, or just make you happy does not mean that bad job is the right job for you. This is where research will come in handy. If a career offers little to no job opportunities, there is a high probability that you will attend college, earn a degree and then graduate with no job opportunities waiting for you. It is for this very reason that you will find bartenders at your local bars with degrees that can earn them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Simply put, Supply and Demand.

Talents and desire is also a great factor. If you are good in massaging other people, why not pursue massage therapy career? Or in technical, then go for schools that offer technical courses such as emergency medical technician or ultrasound technician. In one way or another, you will become the most successful surgical technician if as of now you are fond of anatomy. If you love Sherlock Holmes, then go for private investigator career.

A yearly salary should not be the only reason that you attain a particular degree. If you strive for a job solely for the purpose of making lots of money, you may find that you were not so happy even with large amounts of money. For example, lets say you choose to pursue a career as a Radiology Technician. The schooling time is short, the annual radiology tech salary is awesome, but you hate hospitals and dont like interacting closely with people.There needs to be a balance between the money you make and how I job makes you feel, not only at work but at home as well. Same is true when you pursue respiratory therapy technician career, medical or even phlebotomist technician career.

The next key point about being compatible with the career, goes along the same lines as pursuing a job strictly for the amount of money you can make. A job should make you happy and more than one way. These ways are as of mentioned above, about making enough money, finding a job that makes you happy and pursuing a job that has plenty of demand.

Location is not only an important key to attending a school that will fill the needs of the career you are pursuing, location can also play a big role in whether you succeed in graduating. Students who find a college close to home, that allows them to stay at home while attending, are more likely to finish their college classes and graduate with a degree. This is because they are able to lower their personal stress due to bills that come with extra living expenses when you leave home. So for example, if you live in Houston Texas and are interested in a career in radiology, it would not make sense to look for x ray technician schools in California. Instead you would be better off finding a local x ray school in Houston or one of the many surrounding cities. Just because a school is local, does not mean the education you receive will be any less valuable, as long as you attend an accredited school.

Finally your financial situation should play a large role on what career you choose. You might ask,” What if i choose Medical field career yet it might cost me much?” If you do not have the money to pursue an education from a particular school, do not let it keep you from attending school. You may have to decide on attending a different school, a school you can afford. Choosing to go to a lesser or less known school, does not mean that you will get less of an education. It is only important to make sure that the school you attend is an accredited school. An accredited school one sure that your degree or certification will be honored by any employer looking to hire.

Take into consideration all the things mentioned here, and take your time when it comes to deciding what career path you would like to take. Do not let someone else make that decision for you, whether it be a counselor at school, a teacher, friend or even family member. Ultimately, the choice is yours because you’re the one who’ll be living with the decision that you make. Hopefully with proper research, you will make a decision that will make you happy for the rest of your life.

Respiratory Therapy Technicians

Respiratory therapist or also knows as respiratory practitioners evaluates, treats and cares for patients having breathing and cardiopulmonary disorders. These respiratory therapists works under the direction of a physician while they do their primary responsibility of providing respiratory care and treatments to patients. Respiratory technicians follow a specific respiratory care procedure with the help and supervision of a physician. In a clinical setting, the daily duties of a respiratory therapist and respiratory technician may tend to overlap. But the respiratory therapists mostly have the greater responsibility than the technicians. Respiratory therapists consult with the physicians and other health care staff when it comes to developing and modifying the patient care places. Respiratory therapists also are more likely to give intricate therapy requiring significant independent decision, such as caring for patients on life support in intensive-care units of hospitals. Respiratory therapists deal with different kinds of people from infants to the older people. They should make certain that all respiratory treatments of the patient have been performed properly.  It is also a part of their job to provide relief to the patients with difficulty in breathing. They also perform different types of test to identify possible complications. Some of these tests are measuring the patient’s lung capacity that lets the patient breath into a device while the respiratory therapist takes note of the levels of oxygen inhaled and exhaled by the patient.

Respiratory therapists usually work between 35 and 40 hours a week. For the reason that hospitals function around the clock, therapists may work in three different rotations from evenings, nights, or weekends. They use up long periods standing and walking among patients’ rooms. In an urgent situation, therapists work in the stress of the situation. Respiratory therapists working in home health care must travel habitually to patients’ homes.

Having a high school diploma is the basic requirement in becoming a respiratory therapist. There are a lot of schools that offer programs that can let you choose if you want to finish a baccalaureate or an associate degree. It is also recommended that a person must choose to have a baccalaureate degree because it will give them an edge when they are trying to find for a job. So where should one look for a respiratory therapist education? Respiratory therapist education is offered by technical and vocational schools, universities and colleges also.  These schools offer subjects needed by this course like anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry, pharmacology and even the use of certain equipments. After one has able to accomplish the respiratory therapist education, a person can choose whether he or she wants a certification or license. If one chooses to have only a certification, they only need to pass the certification exam after finishing the program. If one wants to have a license, they need to pass the licensee exam provided by the Licensing Board of the State.

The median respiratory therapist salary is $6 an hour for those employees having more than 20 years of working experience. For a full time respiratory therapist there is a large difference of almost $14,000 when it comes to the salary compared to the non-experienced therapist. For new therapist they may earn $7 an hour but this will increase as the experience grows.

Career of a Phlebotomist Technician

The job of a phlebotomist varies from one working facility to the other. Whatever they task may be, their job is always vital. If you are a phlebotomist, there is definitely no room for any neglect of task. The phlebotomists work in blood hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, blood banks or any pharmaceutical companies. There are also some that works in physician offices, medical institutions and other health care agencies. A phlebotomist career is surely one of the most in demand job nowadays as people needing health care increases.

The part of a phlebotomist’s job is interacting with other members of the health care team like doctors, nurses and so on. It is important for phlebotomists to be active and direct in dealing with their patients.  Since they are interacting with different kinds of people, phlebotomists must wear protective gears like gloves and scrubs. This is important since they are taking blood or tissue samples from the patients and proper handling is needed in analyzing and testing these specimens in the laboratory. Since they are using a lot of instruments and equipments it is vital for them to know how to use every equipment properly either during drawing or analyzing the samples. It is crucial for phlebotomist to preserve the integrity of the samples. When these samples are contaminated it would not be useful and may lead to misdiagnosis. It is also important for the phlebotomists to ensure the safety of the patient and as well as their own safety. It is essential to update the task or duties of a phlebotomist since in the medical field they must add up to what they have already provided for.

Phlebotomists work in hospitals, physician’s offices and blood banks. Most of them work 40 hours a week for full time and 20 hours for those working as part time phlebotomist’s. The training in becoming a phlebotomist varies. Most phlebotomist enters this career with a bachelor degree. An associate degree is required for them to be able to perform complex clinical testing procedures. Aspiring phlebotomists can receive trainings through different training programs, vocation schools, universities, colleges and certification programs. Some phlebotomist schools give certificates while other offers degrees like a bachelor and associate degree. Other schools award a master’s degree that will enable them to do advanced work and opportunities in having a job position as a laboratory manager or medical technologists. Admission requirements needed for the phlebotomy training varies from one program to another. These schools offer theoretical instructions on subjects like microbiology, medical technology, chemistry, statistics, management, business and computers.

So how much is the salary of phlebotomist? The phlebotomist salary is dependent on certain factors like experience and location. In experience, the hourly wage of a phlebotomist can increase with their number of years of experience. Phlebotomist with less than a year of experience can earn an average of $9 to $12 an hour whole those with more than 20 years of experience can earn $14 to $18 an hour. The location also plays a role in the hourly wage since top paying state will pay $10 and $14 an hour.

Become a Masseuse Through a Massage Therapy Career

Nurses, bank tellers, lawyers, designers, event planners, students and a lot more work or be in school 8 hours a day for 5 days. Every day, these people face different problems, issues and stresses at work. They surely experience a lot of muscle strains and most probably back aches after long hours of standing or sitting. That is why, at the end of the week they will surely ask for a day off for relaxation. So, usually during their day-offs and on weekends they will go to spas and have those deep and relaxing massage.

Massage therapists are now one of those works that is in great demand nowadays. With a lot of spa centers and hotels developed, surely they will need a large number of masseurs to give service to their clients. A massage therapist is a trained, certified or license professional that is expert in giving massages- may it be just for relaxation or treating health problems that are suited to the needs of the clients. Massage therapist may work in spas, hotels, and some are even self-employed where they give services by appointments.

Massage therapist’s works with patients having muscle strains and pain. Before starting a massage session, it is important for massage therapist to ask for the patient’s medical history. This will help them identify the kind of massage that they will be giving that can be beneficial and helpful to the client and not causing any harm. When the type of massage is already determined, the massage therapists will then knead the muscles of the body specifically concentrating on the areas where the clients feel such discomfort. They use oil in doing the massage to keep the client more stress free and comfortable. This session may last depending on the type of massage but the most is an hour and a half.
First step in becoming a massage therapist is to have an education.

Having a massage therapy education is important for a person to be knowledgeable enough about the profession that he or she is taking. What one has to do is to choose a massage therapist school. Find one that is near the area where a person is living. Look for a school that is accredited because it shows the objectives of the school and can assure a high standard and quality of education that will prepare the students for future exams and jobs. Ask the school regarding the length of the program since trainings depend on the state and school. The program includes topics on certain subjects like anatomy, kinetics, ethics and training on the proper way to do a massage. After finishing the program, a person has to take and pass an exam to get a license.

The massage therapist salaries differ since they may be working in an institution or they are self employed. Beginners usually have a salary of $20 an hour and those with experience can get $50 an hour. They may get extra income when they are accepting home services.

From Scrubs to Surgical Knife

Surgical or operating room technicians help in surgical operations with the direction
of surgeons, nurses and other surgical personnel. Surgical technicians are considered as a part
of the operating team that comprises the surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists. Before the
operation starts, the surgical technician is responsible in setting up the operating room by
preparing all the instruments, drapes and solutions needed. It is also part of their responsibility
to check if the instruments are working properly.

They are also the one in charge in preparing
the patient by washing or shaving them and prepping up the incision site. Transporting the
patient to the operating room, positioning them on the table and draping them is still the job of
the surgical technician. Surgical technicians also monitor the patients’ vital sign and assist the
other members of the team in wearing their gowns and gloves. While the surgery is on the go,
surgical technicians pass surgical instruments and supplies needed by the surgeon. Preparing
and cutting the sutures and also doing sponge counts are included in this job. Sponge counts are
done to make sure that all sponges are complete before the surgeon closes the layers of the
skin by suturing it. Another scope of the surgical technicians work is to assist in dressings and
operating machines like suctions. After the operation, the surgical technician helps in
transferring the patient from the operating room to the recovery room.

Surgical technicians should make sure that the working environment is clean, cool
and well lighted. Surgical technicians must have the presence of mind and anticipation during
surgery. They must be alert and can stand prolonged standing because operations may take
from 30 minutes up to eight to ten hours. Surgical technicians work 40 hours a week and
sometimes they are on call and working during holidays.

Before becoming a professional, everybody needs to have an education and training
just like surgical technicians. Schools offering surgical technician education provide formal
programs. These programs can be completed for nine to twenty-four months that can give a
person a diploma, certificate or associate degree. Before admission to a surgical technician
school, they require a high school diploma. This is because there are a lot of high school courses
that is needed as preparatory like biology, chemistry and health. Surgical technician schools
offer both theoretical and practical experiences. In theoretical, the students are having lectures
on subjects like anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, instrumentation and medical terms.
They are also taught on different surgical procedures and techniques. And most importantly
they are taught on how to handle supplies, solutions and instruments.

Surgical technician’s salary varies because of the place where the individual chooses
to work. If one is working in a private office then the salary is less than those working in
hospitals. Hospitals have a huge demand for surgical technicians because of the number of
surgeries that they can perform on a day to day basis. An individual working in this kind of
profession can expect a salary of twelve to sixteen dollars per hour. So for a year, a person can
earn from $25,000-$40,000.

An Exciting Career as a Private Investigator

Private investigators support individuals and business firms by finding and analyzing important information. They link all clues in order to find out uncover specifics on financial, legal and also personal matters. These private detectives offer many services including executive, corporate and celebrity protection and also individual background profiles. They also help out in investigating computer crimes like those hackers, identity thieves, and illegal downloading of materials. They also provide assistance in both criminal and civil liabilities, insurance claims, child custody, women protection, and missing person’s cases.

In some cases, these private investigators are hired to inspect individuals whether they are doing infidelity. These private investigators use methods in order to find out certain facts in most cases. Most of their work is done by using a computer. We all know how helpful computers are right now because it can give us a lot of information from records of a person, convictions, personal information, vehicle registration, associations and memberships and even photographs. These private investigators also do a lot of surveillances in order to confirm and prove facts. In cases involving missing persons, they do background checks and ask people to gather important information on the individual. Private investigators are also trained to do physical searches by observing the area. They also use photos and videos, cell phones, GPS systems and other high tech equipments in gather information. They should be patient enough in doing surveillances since this is a time consuming process. Private investigators often undergo specializations. Some specialize in intellectual property, developing financial profiles, carrying out assets.

If one is hoping to be a private investigator, what are the requirements needed for this kind of career? First, the basic requirement required by every private investigator school is a high school diploma. High school subjects like Science, Math, English and Physical education are being taught in high school and these subjects are good preparation for this field. Some police departments require one to finish a two year private investigator education which includes lectures on police science, law and criminology. Many police investigators work in police departments and most of their tasks includes gathering facts and assisting in arrests. In becoming a private investigator, a person needs to start first as a police officer. In applying as a police officer, the basic requirements are- a person must be at least 21 years old, must meet the height and weight requirements of the institution and must have a good medical and physical condition. Once accepted, they will be assigned in detective duties as a probationary officer. Other police departments also require a person to take and pass an exam. Private investigation training is completed for six weeks up to several months. After completing the program, private detectives must earn their license and participate in training programs.

Private investigator salary varies and depends on certain factors like years of experience and location of the job. The median salary is $53,900 a year with a highest salary of $86,000 a year. The most experienced salary for private detectives are more than $58,000 a year.

CNA Medical Nursing Careers

Certified nursing assistants attend to patient’s hygiene. This includes from the cleaning and emptying the bedpans, changing of diapers, helping the patients use the bathroom, bathing the client, helping them ambulate the patients. Certified nursing assistants also help in monitoring the patient’s vital signs and outputs. They note for the consistency of stools or color of urine, condition of the skin and changes in the patients level of consciousness. These data’s is important because it helps in classifying whether the patient is doing good and when the doctor’s needed the information for the patient’s future care.

Certified nursing assistants help in bathing the patients by using towels when the patient cannot get up of bed and cleans the equipments to keep it sterile and prevent infection. Certified nursing assistants also help the patients in rushing their teeth especially those who needed assistance like the weak patients or those with tubes and other equipments. The certified nursing assistant helps the person maintain their proper oral hygiene to make them more comfortable. The certified nursing assistant also helps in feeding the patient. They sometimes encourage the patients to eat on themselves. They will also help those weak patients to lift a spoon to their mouths or their cups for drinking. The CNA is also the first person to respond to the patients call and decides whether there is a need for a nurse or doctor’s attention. Patients may call the certified nursing assistants for simple task like helping them to sit or go to the bathroom.

The certified nursing assistant attends to the classes and training programs offered by a certified nursing assistant school. Having a certified nursing assistant education is really a must since this is the first step in helping the person become a successful certified nursing assistant. Schools offer trainings and internships in health care facilities and it is important for these certified nursing assistants to complete the program. CNA schools teach their students different procedures. They are taught about ethics and the rights of every patient. Certified nursing assistant schools offer both theoretical or textbook learning and hands on trainings. After completing the program, they are required to take an exam offered by the state. This exam will prove how competent a person is in carrying their task of being a certified nursing assistant. Being a certified nursing assistant is rewarding and this career may open a lot of opportunities for a person. These certified nursing assistants must also be quick in observing any changes and knows what to do in times of emergency circumstances.

Certified nursing assistants earn $24,000 to $29,000. The factors affecting the certified nursing assistant’s salary are years of experience and where they are employed. CNA’s work in nursing homes, hospitals and other health care facilities. Certified nursing assistants who works in renowned institutions are expected to have a higher salary especially if these institutions are also located in metropolitan cities. Those who also have more number of years of experience earn more because they are more equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for this career compared to those new comers who are still under the process of learning.

Pursuing a Dental Assistant Career

Dental assistant course is one of the exciting careers in the field of health care. Students should take notice of this career since the job expectancy is rising and i expected to grow even more due to the demand. It is difficult to find a job nowadays but with a dental assistant career, you would be highly sought out in the industry. This would also depend on your skills and level of experience but the number of opportunities for this career is unimaginable. Dental assistants allows dentist to perform more complex task, thus they handle the basic duties of a regular dentist. Without dental assistants, the clinic could not operate effectively. They are highly crucial in providing good service to the patient. The dentist could not manage all the task in the clinic, thereby adding helpful personnel’s such as dental assistants to do various task is a smart thing to do.

If you are hopeful to become a dental assistant then you should have the proper knowledge on how to earn a certificate or associates degree for this career. You should possess a high school diploma to enroll in schools that offer dental assistant course. Inquire at the nearest vocational schools or colleges for other requirements. Just ensure that the school is accredited, otherwise you would find it difficult to be employed. Most skills needed to perform this job are acquired through on the job training. Students are usually assign in a dental clinic and would serve as the second pair of hands for the dentist. This would better prepare them for the working environment and the regular duties of a dental assistant. Students should be reliable and have the ability to work well with others, since most dentist look for these qualities. In some states, they regulate some duties that a dental assistant are allowed to perform. They require them to pass a licensure or registration exam before they could practice advance duties.

Advance dental assistant who have pursued further educations have unlimited opportunities. It is recommended that dental assistant should pursue higher education to avoid being left out of high paying opportunities. Education and skill comes with a greater salary. Dental assistants who possessed advance level of skills could work as office managers, instructors, sales representative and other higher fields. Dental assistant career is a good stepping-stone for a higher paying job. Same as other field, the compensation for dental assistant may vary due to numerous factors. There are other benefits in becoming a dental assistant aside from the rewarding salary. The number of hours for work is more appealing compared to other profession. This would give you an easy schedule that could complement your lifestyle. You could even do it part time thus giving you more time to do other task or be with your family. Other than that, your employer could also give you a good benefit package such as paid vacation, paid holidays, free dental services, and other incentives that is highly beneficial to you. Dental assistant is a rewarding job that could give you a good living. Grab the opportunity and choose this path in life.

Pursuing an Emergency Medical Technician Career

Emergency medical technicians play a vital role in saving peoples life in times of emergency. Administering of first aid treatments and transporting the sick or injured person is the main duty of EMT’s. They should possess quick response time in order to save peoples lives. The level of competence should be high. EMT’s and paramedics work closely with police and firefighters in emergencies. They handle and determine the conditions of patients or victims. They should provide emergency transport for the injured and sick in accordance to the protocols and guidelines. EMT’s operates within an emergency with direct and constant communications with a physician. They must apply first aid in order to prevent the aggravation of injuries and diseases.

Emergency Medical Technicians should possessed high knowledge on emergency equipments such as backboards in order to transport the patient effectively. They work closely as a team. Others paramedics provide care and monitor patient’s vital sign, while the other member drives the ambulance or emergency vehicle to a medical facility. Some may even be part of a helicopter crew for quick transport of patients. The duties of an EMT or paramedic will be dependent on the level of skills and education acquired. Schools provide a progressive level of training. Formal courses are given to further improve the knowledge and skills of aspiring EMT student. The first level of education is the EMT Basic. This level emphasizes on emergency level skills and first aid. Students will learn on how to use emergency equipments, managing trauma, cardiac emergencies and other basic treatment while in emergency. Intermediate level will learn more advance skills for emergency handling while the paramedic level learns more advance medical skills. Aspiring students need to pass a written and oral exam in order to acquire a certification for the different levels. Upon completion of training, EMT’s need to pass a licensure exam in order to practice since most state requires a license for EMT’s. Passing the licensure exam would make you more credible and marketable. Some states even require EMT’s to renew their license every two to three years.

The salary for EMT may range from $25,000 to $40,000 depending on skills and level of education. EMT- paramedic earn more compared to EMT-Basic. Its much better to pursue a higher level of education in order to earn more paycheck. The highest paid EMT’s are those assigned in fire and police departments. They also enjoy the same benefits as firefighters and police. Acquiring a more advance skill would also increase your chance of being employed in these offices.

This career path requires emotional stability, physical coordination, dexterity, agility and other qualities to effectively operate during emergency. You should have these qualities to be able to perform well and save peoples life. You should also have the passion to help and nurse the needy. Prepare for the worst, think and act quickly to save life. You would feel the gratitude from the people you have saved. Put your heart and mind in doing this job and you will succeed in the end.

Ultrasound Imagery Careers

Ultrasound imagery is a device that uses sonic or sound waves to produce an image on the angle of the body being examined. It is widely used diagnosis device which have different purpose yet the same procedure. Such examples are obstetric or gynecologic sonography which is used in pregnancy examinations. There are also abdominal sonography, neurologic, or ophthalmic sonography.

Ultrasound technician

The personnel in charge of operating the ultrasound device are the ultrasound technician or otherwise called as the sonographer. The technician also maintains the device and make sure that it is in good and working condition. Prior to the procedure, the technician instructs the client proper positioning in order to get a good view for the part to be examined. The technician also selects or suggests images to be presented to the physician in order to come up with the diagnosis. The technician is also in charge in keeping the client’s records. If the machine breaks down, it is the technician’s responsibility to repair it. Also, the technician could suggest any improvements or modification of the device.

Training, Certification, and Salary

Formal training for ultrasound technicians are offered not only in universities or colleges but also in certain hospitals and diagnostic centers which are certified by an agency which is the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs. A certificate is also given for those who undergone training through vocational programs but acquiring a bachelor’s degree has an advantage. Basic requirement for admission is having a high school diploma.  There is no licensure examination for medical sonographers.
American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) certify the competency of ultrasound technicians. Becoming registered with the ARDMS requires passing a general examination as well as a specialty exam. Training doesn’t stop once you become an ultrasound technician. There are also requirements in order for you to continue the profession. Seminars and advance trainings must be attended in order to cope up with the modernization.
There are also considerations  for the salaries of the ultrasound technician. This includes the location of work (urban or rural), level of training or education (vocational or bachelor’s degree), experience (beginner or expert), and specialization/certifications.  The average salary of the ultrasound tech could reach to $61,000 annually. Technicians working in private establishments such as in doctor’s offices receives $50,390 while technicians working in general hospitals receives a salary $47,000 annually.
Ultrasound technician is in demand nowadays because of the increasing demand of diagnostic procedures and in which ultrasound is the most common.

Medical Billing and Coding as a Career Choice

If you are looking for an excellent career in the medical field with a solid future and countless opportunities where the possibilities are endless, why not consider becoming a medical coder or biller. According to the U.S. Department of Labor , the demand for medical coding professionals remains high and job opportunities for qualified professionals will never cease to exist as jobs in this field open and close daily. Even though the public’s confidence on todays economy continues to spiral downward, the demand for health care in this country continues to grow. In fact, according to the National Coalition on Health Care, the U.S. spent approximately 17% of it’s GDP in 2008 on health care costs and this percentage is expected to jump to 20% by 2017. So with President Obama’s healthcare reform, this means that there will be even more medical coding jobs available.

Medical Coding And Billing Training

Training for medical billing and coding typically comes in the form of an associate degree, certifcate or diploma that teaches industry-specific coursework. As a rule, most students will have training in anatomy terms, illnesses and disorders, diagnoses and treatments. The reason being so that they will be able to recognize these terms and be able to translate them into diagnosis and procedure codes for the use of insurance providers. They will also learn how to submit claim forms for private insurance companies, learn medical laws and ethics, application and translation of medical vocabulary, and new procedures and techniques to help make medical offices more efficient, just to name a few. If it is your desire to seek higher posistions like management, it is a good idea to go on to receive a bachelor’s degree in somthing like health information management.

If you decide to go just for your certificate and diploma, this usually takes about nine months to up to one academic year to finish and most of your junior and community colleges offer these programs at an affordable rate. If you choose to extend your education and go on beyond norml billing and coding information and go for your associate’s degree, this will take about 2 years to finish.

Medical Coding And Billing Job Description

It is the responsibility of the medical biller to provide the bill to the insurance company using specific coding that they can translate once a patient’s diagnosis and treatment is determined. The medical services are translated into code sets from the Current Procedural Terminology which is the most widely recognized medical classification used to report medical services and procedures to public and private health insurance programs. So then a medical billing and coding provider uses the CPT codes to manage claims processing and billing.

So in short, the reimbursement of hospital and physician claims for medicare and insured patients is the end result of medical coding. It is vital for medical billers and coders to have a keen eye for detail, be precise in their translations and codes and be extremely organized because a mix-up in medical medical diagnosis, treatments, procedures or patient information could cost any mrdical setting thousands of dollars and possible lawsuits.

Medical Coding And Billing Salary

The wages of billing and coding specialists can vary within different organizations. The geographical area of work also has impact on salary. Those who work in big cities earn better when compared to those in the smaller cities. Medical billing and coding specialists usually work in an office setting and are paid some kind of fixed salary somewhere around $25,000 and for the more experienced coding professional it can be upwards of $50,000.

Some of the key factors in salary variances is that of job location, geographic location, job experience, job demand and schooling or training background. Medical billing and coding salary will depend greatly on these variables. The harder you push yourself when you are younger, the more likely you will have a higher income when you graduate and look for a career. In most cases however, you will have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.